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This week our team was captivated by a SpaceX press release describing the cause for a Crew Capsule explosion during a recent test. Several articles and Reddit posts have popped up discussing the problem of leaking valves in the aerospace industry.

“A leaky valve caused a SpaceX crew capsule to explode during a ground test back in April.”

Fugitive emissions from failed valves can have catastrophic consequences, as this recent example shows us. The MagDrive team continues to deliver solutions to fix these problems and we’re ready to deploy product that can help solve issues across many industries.

Below is our most recently published capabilities statement. We’ve come a long way since solving the problem of leaking helium valves for NASA, but the aerospace industry still has a lot of opportunity which we’d love to tackle.

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Great days ahead for MagDrive Solutions!

Leak free valves are now a reality

BOZEMAN, June 18, 2019 Big Horn Valve recently voted to grant an exclusive worldwide license to the newly formed corporation, MagDrive Solutions headed by former Big Horn Valve VP, David Yakos. Robert Burgess, President of Big Horn Valve, reflected on the decision saying, “After many years of successful research and development resulting in the world’s first leak-free magnetically actuated valve solution, Big Horn Valve and our shareholders are excited to commercialize our technology through this new venture.”


MagDrive Solutions will provide valve manufacturers and end users with a True-Zero valve solution to eliminate leaks from the valve stem. “Our products provide an answer to an industry trying to solve the problem of fugitive emissions and product loss from leaky valves,” said David Yakos, CEO of MagDrive Solutions.


The valve manufacturing industry achieved over $35 Billion in revenue in 2018. At the same time, oil and gas companies lost billions of dollars in lost product, the majority of which escapes through leaking valves. MagDrive Solutions has been proven to eliminate 100% of fugitive emissions and leaks from valves, passing the industry’s API 624 and API 6FE tests certifying their valve solutions with the highest results. 


MagDrive Solutions’ products can be applied to existing valves through retrofit or manufactured as part of new valve applications. Traditional designs allow product loss and fugitive emissions through the valve stem. MagDrive Solutions solves valve stem leaking completely by housing the valve stem in a sealed chamber and magnetically actuating the valve using a combination of patented technologies. “By eliminating potential leak paths to the outside world, all valves can now become leak-free,” said Yakos, a co-inventor of the technology.


Having spoken on the subject of fugitive emissions around the world, Mr. Yakos will be presenting the “Advantages and Breakthroughs of Magnetic Valve Actuation” at Valve World Americas Expo and Conference being held in Houston, Texas this week. As the premier valve event in America, the two-day expo and conference will bring together the leading minds driving ahead innovation and excellence in the fields of valve manufacture, use, maintenance, and more.


The Valve World Conference and Expo have an emphasis on practical, applicable knowledge sharing with the subject matter experts and key opinion leaders of the valve community. “MagDrive Solutions is excited to announce our launch in advance of Valve World this year. Valve World has been critical in helping us develop connections to the industry that are now helping bring this product to market,” said Stephen Sanford, CTO, and Co-Founder of MagDrive Solutions.


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About MagDrive Solutions:

Located in Bozeman, Montana MagDrive Solutions is revolutionizing the valve industry by bringing zero-leak technology to market. MagDrive Solutions develops products to turn any valve into a magnetically actuated leak-free valve. Visit for more information.