All Valves Leak

This week our team was captivated by a SpaceX press release describing the cause for a Crew Capsule explosion during a recent test. Several articles and Reddit posts have popped up discussing the problem of leaking valves in the aerospace industry.

“A leaky valve caused a SpaceX crew capsule to explode during a ground test back in April.”

Fugitive emissions from failed valves can have catastrophic consequences, as this recent example shows us. The MagDrive team continues to deliver solutions to fix these problems and we’re ready to deploy product that can help solve issues across many industries.

Below is our most recently published capabilities statement. We’ve come a long way since solving the problem of leaking helium valves for NASA, but the aerospace industry still has a lot of opportunity which we’d love to tackle.

Download MagDrive Solutions Capabilities Statement

Great days ahead for MagDrive Solutions!